Saturday, February 24, 2018

House Bill 841. (2018)

Last year’s legislation attempting to give homeowners greater protections hit some bumpy roads when everyone tried to apply the law, most notably the recall statute revisions.  It was simply a case of laws with good intentions, but poor wording.

Any hope at fixing these laws to make them more useful and enforceable is being undermined by House Bill 841.  Jan Bergemann of CyberCitizens for Justice took me on a road trip with him to Tallahassee to meet with our elected officials.  The sponsor of HB 841 didn’t have time to meet with us (fair enough since we didn’t have an appointment, not so fair since others without appointments seemed to get face time), but we did get to meet with the legislative aide.  We spoke passionately about our concerns, but our words fell on deaf ears, as we later learned.

The full story is in Jan’s blog at

Please help in defeating this not-so-owner-friendly bill by writing to the politicians.  Remember this from a famous comedian - poly means many and ticks means bloodsuckers.

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