Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mobile Homeowner Associations

One of my favorite legal websites is www.avvo.com, where readers can post interesting questions.  Today a reader asked me about how to form a homeowners association for mobile home parks, which are voluntary associations under Fla. Stat. 723.  Here's my answer:

There is a special statute for mobile home park lot tenancies, Fla. Stat. Chapter 723. You can organize a HOA, which is voluntary and different from a HOA under Chapter 720 for homes on owned lots. You would need a majority of the members to approve having the HOA represent their interest and it's really a good thing, especially when those lot rent increases come in every year. The Department of Business and Professional Regulations and the Federation of Mobile Home Owners both have materials to help you organize. There are sections of the Florida Administrative Code that also govern the parks and supplement the statutes. You can also partner with other associations in other parks for help. I know most of the associations are willing to be helpful. Check outwww.fmo.org for the Federation of Mobile Home Owners and DBPR's website for the statutes, rules and other materials:http://www.myfloridalicense.com/dbpr/lsc/index.html.

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