Monday, December 16, 2013

Eligibility for the Board of Directors

Confusion often arises over who is eligible to run as a candidate for the board of directors of an association.  The answer is in the governing documents of the association; the Declarations, Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.  The information is usually found in the Bylaws, but can be in other documents.  Unless the governing documents require a candidate to be an owner or member of the association, anyone is eligible.  While condominium documents usually require a candidate to be a unit owner, homeowner association documents do not usually have this requirement.

Both types of associations require, by state law, that any owner be current in any monetary obligations due to the association in order to be a candidate.  This means all financial obligations must be current at the time the election is conducted.  State law further prohibits a  candidate for the board who has been convicted of a felony is not eligible to be a candidate unless the felon's civil rights have been restored.  State law also provides a board member charged with a felony involving the association is automatically removed from office by operation of law.

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