Thursday, August 15, 2013

What's Constitutes A Board Meeting?

Board meetings are a big source of complaints when it comes to HOAs and condo associations.  Fla. Stat. 718.111 governs BOD meetings of condo associations or COAs and Fla. Stat. 720.303(2) governs meetings of HOAs or homeowner associations.

There must be a quorum (majority) of the BOD present in person (or by telephone conference as long as the attendees can hear the member appearing by phone or Skype) in order to have a board meeting and to conduct board business.  Secret voting and proxies are not allowed for board members to vote or attend.  If there is not a quorum present, then the BOD cannot conduct business and any actions would be null and void.  It would also be a breach of fiduciary duty to conduct a meeting without a quorum.

You are entitled to record all board meetings and the board cannot prohibit this.  They also cannot ask why you are recording.  If a board meeting is being conducted in violation of the statutes, you should record the meeting and object to the meeting being conducted.

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  1. Is it appropriate for one condo board member (5 member board) to poll only enough other board members to gain an affirmative vote for a project rather than polling the entire board or having a meeting?


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