Sunday, April 20, 2014

Letter to Governor Rick Scott

Dear Governor Scott,

It was very disappointing to not have the bill this year to create an agency to regulate homeowner associations. 

Despite what the courts have ruled, a high percentage of these associations are dictatorships who widely abuse homeowners.  As my friend Scott Gardner said 'I doubt our founding fathers ever envisioned any private corporation having so much power over the citizens of this country."  Valuable property rights are gone. 

While the courts hold the position these people entered into a contract and they had a choice not to, this contract is one-sided. One-sided contracts are thrown out all the time. 

What people don't agree to in these contracts are to be ruled by boards who steal money or use the money for private vendettas. 

What these people don't agree to is being victimized by attorneys and community association managers who work I'm collusion to fuel disputes and billable hours. 

What these people do not agree to is having thousands of dollars of unregulated attorneys fees assessed against them if they are a couple days late with a payment or if their payment is lost.  

What these people don't agree to is being sued for exercising statutory rights such as implementing Florida Friendly Landscaping. 

These people entered into these contracts thinking if something went wrong the State of Florida would protect them.  The State has failed our citizens. 

The State of Florida has aided and abetted the creation of a system more corrupt than any government.  

Barbara Billiot Stage, Esq. 

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